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posted Dec 15, 2012, 1:40 AM by Alamo Placita   [ updated Nov 21, 2013, 7:06 PM ]
As Winter Arrives, Help Keep Our Neighborhood Beautiful:
In recent weeks the graffiti in and around our neighborhood has increased. Help report graffiti to Denver's 311 to have the graffiti removed from public property.
Graffiti can generally be found on
      • Traffic light poles
      • Signs (graffiti includes stickers stuck on signs or poles)
      • Mail boxes
      • Dumpsters
      • Traffic light control boxes (silver boxes near intersections)
      • RTD Bus stops and shelters
Graffiti on private property
      • Register your property by submitting the Graffiti Removal Form to the the City. You can download and print the Graffiti Removal Authorization Form.
      • Graffiti can be found on fences, garages, walls, or sides of homes and businesses.
The faster graffiti is reported and removed the less likely it is to return in the future. Reporting graffiti can be done in less than 3 minutes by using the new Smart Phone App from Denver 311. Reports can also be made online at or by dialing 311 from your phone. You can also take a picture of the graffiti and include it with your report. Submitted reports are generally taken care of in 48 hours. If you witness someone destructing property call Denver Police immediately.
It's about time to dig out your snow shovel or snow blower for the winter season.   Remove snow from your sidewalk, stairs and curb cuts near intersections and alleys. Try not to pile snow in the alley entrance/exits or in alleyways so vehicle access is maintained. Snow should also not be shoveled into the street. You can help your trees and bushes stay hydrated over the winter by piling snow from the sidewalks around the base of your trees.
Our streets are cleaned monthly from April to November. Help keep the streets clean, safe and gutters clear by not parking on the side of the street that is being cleaned on a designated day. Sweeping days and times can be found on the signs on each block. Please remind your neighbors or visitors to park on the side of the street not being cleaned. Tickets can be given to those cars parked in the sweeping zones. CHECK SIGNS CAREFULLY. During the winter, sand and leaves can accumulate in gutters and parking areas creating an safety hazard. You can request that your street be cleaned by calling 311 or visitng Alley sweeping requests can also be made anytime of year.