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Denver Police Department Crime Prevention Tips

posted Oct 15, 2015, 8:37 AM by Alamo Placita   [ updated Oct 15, 2015, 8:39 AM ]

The Denver Police Department recommends the following Crime Prevention Tips:


• Call the Denver Police Depart and report suspicious activity, 720-913-2000 or in an emergency 911


• Keep your house locked when you are away as well as when you are home and use deadbolt locks to secure your home.


• NEVER under any circumstances let anyone know you are alone in the house.


• Use electric timers inside your home to turn on lights, T.V. or radios during your absence.


• At night or if away, lower window shades, keep lights on in at least 2 locations.


• Motion detector lights are very effective in deterring crime. They also light up your driveway or entry doors when you are leaving or coming home.


• Dusk to dawn lighting is a strong deterrent against criminal activity, and it constantly lights up your entry doors and possible obstacles that would otherwise be unseen.


• Landscape lighting is low voltage lighting that can highlight your property line, light up your sidewalk and also light up the exterior of your windows – making your home a less attractive target to night time burglars.


• Interior lighting using light timers makes a home look occupied. Good lights to leave on are bedroom and/or bathroom lights.


• Radios and televisions are also good items to have on timers. If a radio playing a talk station is heard from the outside of a home, it gives the appearance that a conversation is being carried on and someone is home.


Window Locks

• Many burglars make entry into residence through open windows so make sure that they are always closed and locked even when you are home. 

• Use auxiliary locks: Pin your windows or add an auxiliary lock to your double hung windows.

This type of mechanism will allow you to secure your window when you open it (5 inches or less) for ventilation. Newer windows have higher quality locks while older double hung windows are easily jimmied or pried open. Double hung windows can be secured by taking these simple, inexpensive precautions:


• Drill a hole at a downward angle through the first sash and into, but not through, the second sash. Then pin window by driving a nail into the hole. Pinning braces the window against prying. More holes can be drilled to pin the window open for ventilation.


• Keyed locks are available for windows. If used, master key all window locks and show children how to use them. Do not use keyed locks on windows in sleeping areas.