About Alamo Placita Neighbors Association

APNA is a vital force in a vibrant neighborhood. As an official "Registered Neighborhood Organization" under the City Code, we have represented our neighborhood since 1984 in every conceivable forum from City Council, the Board of Adjustment for Zoning, Denver Police and Public Works.  We hold monthly board meetings and at least one general neighborhood meeting each year.  APNA takes on serious issues that affect the quality of life, but we also promote the positive aspects of life in our neighborhood by organizing park cleanups, tree plantings, neighborhood happy hours and our annual Cottonwood Festival in Alamo Placita Park.  We keep our neighborhood connected through email, our website, and Facebook. Our communications include information about activites, news, safety concerns, meetings, and local programs.  APNA strives to protect our quality of life, preserve the historic nature of our neighborhood, and promote a deep sense of community.
APNA is an all-volunteer organization that consists of a small group of volunteer members (APNA Board), and a larger group of dues-paying members who choose to devote their time and resources to the betterment of our community.  Our members number more than 205 households and businesses, but we still operate on a modest budget.  Your support is greatly appreciated, and we urge you to join today.
APNA Officers:
Kristian Eichler, President
Sarah Bradley, Vice President
Leslie Wilson, Treasurer
Patty Weiss, Secretary
APNA Board Members                                                                                                                 
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Alamo Placita Neighbors Association is to preserve and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood by:
  • fostering a sense of community identity, spirit and activism through effective communications and interactions among our neighbors; and


  • seeking to preserve the historic and architectural legacy and predominantly residential character of our neighborhood through efforts to assure that new residential or commercial development and city improvements are compatible with the existing fabric of the area; and
  • participating in planning, zoning, safety, and other decisions and issues affecting our neighborhood through advocacy before government agencies and elected representatives and liaison with other community organizations.
If you wish to obtain a copy of our board meeting minutes, please visit the Forms and Resources page to download your copy.