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House Plaques

Alamo Placita House Plaques
After our Historic District was established in 2000, residents began to request a plaque which would recognize the historic character of their homes.  Since 2005, we have been selling, and installing, our beautiful custom designed brass plaques on more than 165 homes within the Alamo Placita Historic District.  People have been thrilled with the process.  They tell us that they now walk through the neighborhood with a "different eye," looking for the homes with the historic plaques, showing them to friends and generally feeling proud and happy to be part of such a great neighborhood.  The custom plaques are made by a Pennsylvania foundry and include the year your home was built.  They will make a beautiful addition to your front porch or wall.
Special thanks to Steve Nissen, a long time member of APNA, who has researched foundries, coordinated the design of the plaque, pushed to get a large number of orders for a price break, and finally, when the plaques arrive, contacts owners to see where they would like it to be installed. Steve has installed more than 160 plaques throughout the neighborhood, at no charge.  He has continued to handle all of the paperwork and legwork everytime enough requests for plaques are in hand to place an order. 
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